Tokyo Tonteki Philippines [The Pursuit of the Perfect Pork Loin Steak]

We headed for a late lunch after we successfully booked One Cafe and Events for Cloud’s 1st birthday that will be held on January 2016.
I was craving for ramen so we stopped by at UP Town Center to look for a Japanese restaurant and to our dismay, we couldn’t find one (unbeknownst to us, there is Ramen Nagi inside!) and went to Tokyo Tonteki instead.

Ripe Mango Shake in Tokyo Tonteki

I was impressed on how they strategically planned the small space given. It appears wider due to its lighting setup. I also enjoyed staring at the black and white graffiti that brings the restaurant to a fun and quirky ambiance.

Kani Salad, P170

Best Kani Salad I’ve tasted so far as I find their mayo unique in a way that bests compliments with mango bits, cucumber, and stripped Kani sticks. 

Chopped Tonteki Set 250g (385php)

Thick, tender & juicy pork loin steak cooked using Tokyo Tonteki’s unique low temperature cooking technique & simmered in our signature sauces. Tokyo Tonteki Sauce or Ginger Sauce topped with toasted garlic chips. 

Every set meals come with unlimited Japanese rice, shredded cabbage, and pork miso soup.

Tonburg Steak Set with Tonteki Sauce 300g (375php)

100% premium ground pork meat patty with diced onions cooking using Tokyo Tonteki’s unqiue low temperature cooking technique doused with our signature sauces. Tokyo Tonteki Sauce or Savory Sweet Onion Steak Sauce.

This meal is mouthwatering in the picture and in actual taste. It’s even more tasteful once you eat this with their Japanese rice.

1. Nice ambiance
2. Great customer service 
3. Reasonable price for their meals
4. Unlimited rice, cabbage, pork miso soup

Cons: NONE

Tokyo Tonteki Philippines
Ground Floor, UP Town Center Katipunan Ave, 1105 Quezon City
Level 2, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Greenbelt, Makati City, Greenbelt
Phone No. 02 7448652

This was originally posted at Mommy Rockin’ In Style last Aug 2015

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  1. Japanese cuisine is so inventive and amazing. It's too bad that you didnt find the Ramen place, but it turned out for the best. Tokyo Tonteki cooks up some delicious looking food. We'll check it out next time we're in Greenbelt Mall.

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