Things You Should Know About Motorcycle Safety Gears

We all know that riding a motorcycle can be life threatening. Thus, it is very important to wear protective gears while on the road. When we say protective gears, it consists of a helmet, jacket, pants, gloves, and boots. These are not only to protect your body from an accident but also from environmental conditions. Like when it rains, you can wear a waterproof suit in order for you not to get wet.

So here’s what you need to know about motorcycle safety gears.

First of all, buying your safety gears is a lot different from buying your usual clothes. They have to be tested and carries Certified Europian mark. Second, use the internet for recommendations. There are websites you can find for suggestions and honest reviews of a particular brand or model. And of course, set your budget. If you have a limited budget, there are affordable ones or you could buy them in a set. Just be sure they are certified and from an authorized dealer. 

The helmet is the most essential piece of equipment because this will protect your head in a collision. It must be fit well while keeping your field of sight. Moreover, it should meet DOT or ECE certification for your protection. To get the right fit, try on the helmet. You can also ask for assistance to learn more better what fits for you. 

Given that so many hand gloves on the market, look for top motocross riding gloves. Having proper gloves will protect your hands both from impact and abrasion. It also reduces injury from mosquito bites and to keep your fingers warm.

The jacket, pants, and suits are made out of leather and specifically for motorcycle purposes. The best fit of a motorcycle jacket is snug through the torso with free motion in your arms. Look for a jacket that has body armor, a padding that protects you from crashes. 

Same as the others, boots must be made and certified for motorcycle purposes. Proper boots cover your ankles and have non-slip soles with an integrated metal toe. The good news is, there’s a wide variety that could fit your budget and preference. 

These safety gears are way expensive because they underwent tests and certifications solely for motorcycle purposes. However, I find these worth and great investments because this will save your life if anything happens to you on the road.

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