Camping culinary essentials for foodies

Camping in recent years has enjoyed a new surge in popularity, and it’s not hard to see why – it’s economical, perfectly designed for exploring the great outdoors, and of course it lets you work up a healthy appetite too. After all, there is nothing quite like dining al fresco.

The one thing about camping though is that is can be a little bit more difficult to whip up incredible culinary treats. Yes more difficult, but with the right essentials, it is by no means impossible! So when you’re packing up your backpack, remember to pop in these cooking must-haves too to ensure fine dining around the campfire.

Safety first

Whenever you’re camping, particularly if it’s wild camping, it is a good idea to brush up on your countryside code. It’s all a matter of respecting nature and your environment and can help you feel even more prepared for your camping trip. You can read up on your countryside code here on the official government website.

Do remember too that campsites can have their own rules in regards to campfires, for example, so read up on these in anticipation of your trip. For example, you can visit the National Parks site to find out more if you are planning on camping in one of their areas.

So having dealt with safety first, it’s now time to talk about your culinary essentials…

Camping stove

This handy little item is pretty much a no-brainer when it comes to camping. Sure the idea of grilling freshly caught fish over a campfire might be romantic, but it’s going to be a tad more difficult to prepare your morning coffee and heat up the beans without burning them beyond recognition.

And happily these days, camping stoves are seriously lightweight and can fold away to nothing in your backpack, meaning you don’t have to feel weighed down. It also means that if you’re hiking too, you can always stop for a cuppa along the way.

A spork

A combination of a spoon, fork and knife, for your all-in-one cutlery needs, you have got to invest in a spork. It’s obviously multi-functional, it’ll take up minimal room in your bag, and is basically a camping essential.

Do choose one made from stainless steel rather than plastic though, since this way you’ll be able to use it to cook with as well as to eat.


It might seem like an insignificant essential, but when camping, it can be so easy to forget that you don’t have the equipment that your kitchen cupboards boast, including that seasoning must-have. It can really add flavour to dishes, and if you don’t have it in your bag, you’ll notice it’s missing! So remember to pop in a small shaker in anticipation of your trip.

A powerbank

So it might not be strictly a culinary essential, but if you want to use your phone to look up camping cuisine inspiration, then it’s a good idea to remember to pack a powerbank too. It should be powerful, sturdy and will survive getting thrown in your backpack. Take a look at these portable power banks to see what type of model would suit you when you want to flick through Jamie Oliver’s latest rustic recipes.

And if all else fails…

Remember that all is not lost since you can always use your phone to track down your nearest pub or restaurant – at least with this option, you won’t have to do any washing up!

With the right camping culinary essentials, you can really enjoy fine dining even when you’re out and about in the countryside. So remember to add them to your packing checklist.

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