5 Best Music Venues in Dublin

If you’re planning on going to Dublin, you might want to have a night out in one of the fantastic music venues Dublin has to offer. Music is a big part of Irish culture so wherever you walk around Dublin, the streets are full of buskers and you can hear live music coming from the bars and restaurants.

From traditional Irish music to modern and upbeat covers, here’s a list of 5 of the best music venues in Dublin:

Bad Bobs

Set in Dublin’s famous Temple Bar quarter, Bad Bobs serves excellent food and drinks and offers live music played by local talents every weeknight from 6:30pm.  DJs take over during the weekends, and the five floors of the venue turn into a giant dancefloor. So whether you’re into discovering some new live talents or great DJ sets, Bad Bobs is a good place to visit when you want to have a fun night out and an authentic Dublin experience.

The Grand Social

Located on the northside of Dublin, The Grand Social has been nominated for National Venue of the Year for four years in a row. Indeed, the venue has been known for hosting some of the best gigs in town and DJ set listing as well. Musical acts from around the world play there regularly. Alternative, pop, rock, indie… all genres are welcome. The venue also features a beer garden on the roof and a weekly indoor flea market where you can find vinyl records and vintage clothes and furniture.

The Cobblestone

If you want to have a taste of what Irish music sounds like, The Cobblestone is the place to go to.  The Mulligan family are great musicians and they have been playing Irish tunes for five generations. This pub is built on family tradition and to keep it alive, some of the best Irish musicians host traditional Irish music sessions here seven nights a week. This old-fashioned Irish pub is one of the best to hear this kind of music in town.


The pub is an institution and it’s maybe one of the most iconic venues in Dublin as it’s known as the first pub which help develop live music in the city. You’ll find it on Wexford Street and you are welcome to pop in for a pint and find out by yourself about the amazing acts the venue showcases every night of the week. Local artists, established bands, singer/songwriters…  everyone has played here on their way to success.

The Olympia

The Olympia is one of the most beautiful theatres in Dublin. The interior is gorgeous, and the venue has great acoustics. That’s why established acts love to come and play there when they’re on tour in Ireland. Adele, David Bowie and Laurel and Hardy have all made an appearance at the venue over the years.  The Olympia is an intimate venue where you can feel close to the artist and is open to stand-up, music and entertainment.


Tell us what’s your favourite venue in Dublin in the comments!

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